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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vezno’s services legal?

Without a doubt! The services we offer are not only legal but also 100% safe! We are familiar with Instagram’s terms of use and we always make sure to follow the rules of the game! Your account is always safe with us!

Can I still use my Instagram account?

You can! Our service does not take over your Instagram account but rather works in the background. You can use your account as you normally would while we help grow it!

Are the followers real?

Yes they are! Your followers are authentic Instagram users who are interested in your content and your account! We are not here to simply raise your follower count but to increase your social reach and grow your account through interaction with real people!

Do you log into my account? Why do you need my password?

While Instagram requires us to get your permission and password to activate our software, we never directly log into your account. There will never be an account manager seeing your messages, feed, or any other part of your account.

How do I make sure my account doesn’t get hacked?

While, as stated in the previous answer, we never log into your account, we always encourage you to keep your account as safe as possible. This means linking it you Facebook account. Once the account is linked, even if someone gets your password, you’ll be able to recover your account quickly and easily.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Very few of our clients end up leaving! However, if you want to stop working with us, you are absolutely entitled to! Unlike many other similar services, you are not trapped in any kind of long-term contract and can cancel at any time.

If I do, will I lose my followers?

Because your followers are real, they are there to stay! If you decide to end your subscription you do not have to worry about the followers you have gained disappearing.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

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