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Tomorrow's fortunes will not be built behind a desk in an office. In fact, the shift is already happening, as social media empowers more and more people from across the world to take their business global and to become financially independent. Social media offers a free platform where you can share your lifestyle or message to the whole world. We are among the many people who are making a living out of a FREE platform! Since the creation of social media, the tools that help your account get more exposure and facilitate your making a passive income have become dramatically cheaper and more powerful. And we personally contributed to that evolution. After we found out we were paying too much for services inferior to what we would expect, we decided to create our own and share it with you. After talking with account owners, we now know for sure that you can make an extra $500 per month just from selling promotions on your 10k followers account, and easily double that income with 20k followers. If you promote your own products, the return could be far greater. That's an investment in our software of just $300-1000 to make $500 PER MONTH!

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